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Posted: March 29, 2012 in News and Events, Social Buzz

Thats our Google Plus Circle –

Google opened up Google+ for Brands and we decided to get the start.  We really love the Picture boards

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Detroit Label Clothing Brand is Excited to launch an Exclusive  E-commerce Store.  In Celebrating the launch of We are offering a 40% off storewide sale on all items including items that are already on sale. Use coupon Code “SpringTime”  We Still have a lot of work and product to still add to our store. We have new designs and new apparel to introduce to Detroit Label Clothing. We will have Detroit tank tops Just in Time for Summer and offer a full line of Long sleeve Detroit Thermals and  Detroit Hoodies. The New Store Allows us to take Pre-orders, Track our inventory better, Better images, Pop up size Charts.  As always we offer free freight at 50.00  –

The 40% off sale only last until March 31st. We are offering a sale to create buzz and draw attention and to make sure orders run smooth. Any feedback is appreciated.

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The Coolest newest Feature is Pinterest

Pinterest is the Fastest growing Social media- Yes faster than Facebook

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The new Detroit Label Clothing Store has some cool features. You can now shop and Browse on our Facebook Page > Click here to Check out the FB store to Check out Detroit Shits.

Blog – This will stay the same.

The Blog Will stay here also for updates – The store is linked at the top of the page or just click here > DETROIT LABEL

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There is the 40% Sale but if you sign up for the Mailing list for Specials on new Detroit Label Releases and Special coupons that we will not offer on Facebook  – It is not our intention to have sales like this all the time. We offer a quality product and a quality print. Remember all of our Shirts are printed in Detroit. Some (not all) of our Shirts are made in the USA.

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Also if you are a Detroit DJ Contact us for Shirts for your events  and to wear   

Detroit Label , An up and coming Brand of Detroit Clothing focusing on the Night life style that Detroit has to offer. Working with DJ’s and other counter culture related items, it’s been worn by the areas hottest and hippest.

-The Detroit Label

We are working on a New Webstore for Detroit Label Clothing. In our Detroit Clothing line We have a lot of new designs in the works. Some of the new designs are geared more toward’s Detroit Electronic Music

-The Detroit Label

Detroit Label Walks and shows off at Rock the Runway –.

Four Hours in Detroit

Posted: February 23, 2012 in News and Events

View on Detroit Form a different eye

La Vida Laura

One thing I’ve been thinking about lately is how I’ve lived in southeastern Michigan for roughly 23 years out of my 26 on earth, and yet I’ve only gone to Detroit a handful of times – and basically just to go to Comerica Park (and Eastern Market once).

Randomly, last weekend, two friends and I decided to go explore Detroit for a few hours. What I loved about this was that we did both tourist-y things (like the Ren Cen and RiverWalk) and completely non-tourist-y things (like driving through some of the neighborhoods where my friend works). We saw the good stuff and the bad stuff, and though Detroit always gets a bad rap – there is lots of good stuff. I won’t pretend to magically understand Detroit after a few hours, but I’m glad I saw a little more this time around.

Along the RiverWalk:

The Ren Cen:


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